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Hi!! Thanks for visiting my Instagram, Facebook, Website, or attending one of my events! How can we help each other?? I love anything Food, Wine, Wellness, and SO.MUCH.MORE! I want this to be a forum for folks to learn some fun things, and escape life for a bit! The site is new and a work in progress, but soon there will be lots to see here!! 


As for me, I'm a wife, mother of two, and started my own wine business as an Independent consultant for Scout & Cellar in November of 2017. I enjoy meeting and training new people in this business, and I enjoy learning about other small businesses and partnering for fun events. I am super enthusiastic and responsive when it comes to my "food & wine family" and customers. Please let me know how I can help! - Keri Henry


Clean-Crafted wine?! What IS this Magical Unicorn you speak of?


One of the elements of my blog is to educate on another wine option out there! Do you get “weird” side effects from wine? Anything from splotchy skin, to stuffy nose, swollen glands, headache, sour stomach, hangovers, extra calories from all the sugar?? I personally have found that drinking clean-crafted wine has helped me avoid many of these symptoms that I would get when drinking mass-produced wine.  I'd love to help you discover a wine that not only taste great, but also might help you with any of the nasty side effects that wine might be causing in your life!

In order for a wine to be considered clean-crafted it must meet the following requirements: 

- Grown naturally with NO synthetic pesticides

- Sustainable, organic, and or biodynamic farming methods

- Most harvested from OLD growth vines

- Wildly delicious and always DISTINCTIVE

- Tended by actual PEOPLE and NOT mass-produced by industrial agricultural methods

- Vinified BY HAND, not manufactured in a lab


- ZERO additives

- Slow crafted to extract naturally occurring antioxidants

- LOW sulfites- most less than 50ppm

-Independently LAB TESTED to guarantee the above. 

How to Order?


1. Go to the "shop now" link above and order "A La Cart" - it ships to you.  You get FREE SHIPPING when you order $99 worth of wine.  You also SAVE 5% when you order 6 bottles and 10% when you order 12 bottles or more! 

2. Best bang for your buck, join the wine club! You can customize your shipment to be monthly, bimonthly, or every 3 months.  All reds, all whites, or mixed. And you can choose to receive 6 bottles or 12 bottles at a time.  There are additional discounts for wine club members. 

Thinking about Selling Wine?


I'm here to personally teach you! Our Independent Consultants are the beating heart of Scout & Cellar. These are the men and women responsible for shouting the benefits of clean-crafted wine from every rooftop they have access to and making money in the process. They host wine parties, partner with corporations, they explain the collections. They manage a team of other Independent Consultants who do the same things.

Ever wanted to open your very own wine business? The opportunity—much like our releases of wines—is at your doorstep. Talk about ground floor opportunity! 


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Client Testimonials

Courtney R

"I hadn't had a drop of wine in 7 years because it gave me the worst headaches! Now I can have wine whenever I want and I LOVE IT!"

Jenny E

"Red wine used to make my allergies go crazy.  I tried 2 different Scout & Cellar reds one night I woke up the next morning and felt incredible. It's a miracle! Clean crafted wine is amazing!"

Colleen L

"I try to be healthy in other aspects of life.  Now it's nice to drink clean too.  And I'm willing to pay more for wine if I am not hungover the next day!"

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